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Quality education is the key to nurturing talent, which is crucial for the development of the society. Our goal is to nurture future generations to become citizens who are socially responsible and equipped with a sense of national identity, love for and international perspectives.

We need to create, for students, teachers, principals and parents, a learning and teaching environment that is stable, caring, inspiring and satisfying. Hence, students at kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary levels can identify their strengths and interests in the learning process, progress continuously, and establish themselves intellectually and morally. As the Principal Official in charge of education, I will work with my professional team to continue offering professional services and maintaining close liaison and communication with stakeholders of the education sector. The success of education hinges on the collaborative efforts of people who care about the next generation. Let us work together to refine our education system and enhance the quality of education for the benefit of each and every student.

I hope that you will find useful materials by visiting this website, which contains a wealth of information including the Bureau’s organisational structure, policy highlights and updates on various services and activities. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Thank you.

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